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Choosing The Best Mobile App Development Technology.

Posted on 2018-01-06 13:37:37 by Salma

  A great app starts with the correct choice of mobile app development technology.Want to know  which is the best  technology for developing Mobile apps, then the satisfactory answer will be based on the application you are creating. Each technology has its own pros and cons.

There are three types of Mobile Application Development technologies

1.Native Technology. (Offline applications)

2.Mobile Web Technology.

3.Hybrid Technology.

Let us discuss each of them in detail.

1. Native Technology

·        Process of developing native mobile applications using native programming languages like java, objective c, c# .

·        For IOS, the native programming language is objective-c & new swift; For android, the native programming language is java; For windows phone, the native programming language is

·       These applications has an executable file that can be directly downloaded and installed in your mobile.

·        This can be accessed directly by user, no need of web browsers.

·        Can be distributed to various mobile stores like play store, apple store, windows store.


·        Internet connection not always required.


·       Must be developed separately for each platform , as they are platflorm independent.

e.g. music app, contacts app, tap the frog game app, etc

2. Web Technology

·        Web applications are not real applications; they are collections of web sites.

·        Mobile websites are faster and cheaper as they use web technologies like CSS, HTML, Java Script to function.

·        Web application stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through browser.

·        Available to all internet enabled mobile devices.


·        Web applications almost function same when compared with the PC based websites.


·        Internet connection almost always required.


 3. Hybrid Technology

·         Combination of both native application with web technology.

·         They are platform-independent and can run on any platform.

·         It can be distributed to various mobile app store like Apple store, Google play store, Amazon app store, etc.

·         Downloaded directly to a mobile device.

·         This application can be accessed through internet browser.

·         They may or may not work without internet connectivity.


·         They save time and lower the development costs.


·         Performance of these applications may be slightly slower when compared with native application as they can’t handle heavy graphics.

 e.g. Hike, Kik, Whatsapp, wechat, paytm etc .

Hope you have gained some clarity in choosing the best development technology for your mobile application. Kindly share your suggestions below.

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