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Key to become a Successful Programmer

Posted on 2017-12-10 08:38:29 by skm

  1. Understanding your given problem is important. Look at the problem from different angles and find the best solution you can get.
  2. One important thing is, never try to duplicate the code from any other source. You cannot clear the bugs that may arrive in the future. This can make your code too much complicated.
  3. Don't haste for the result. If you are rushing, you may leave some important constraints of the problem. Progress gradually.
  4. Never get distracted. If you navigate towards the social media websites, then you are not fully involved. So take a break. Have a cup of coffee and then come back refreshed.
  5. Don't write too much lines of code for a simple operation. It can increase the code density and time.
  6. Don't aim to get the optimized code straightaway. Write the naive code initially and then optimize it.
  7. If you can't get a clear cut idea, discuss with your friends /colleagues. Your friend's idea can save the time that you will spend for googling the solution.
  8. Give the comments wherever necessary, so that all can understand your context.
  9. Use proper names for class, functions, variables etc.. 
  10. Don't get frustrated by the errors. You are the one who created them! So try to clear them  :-P .  (vazhkai na sila adigal vizha thaan seiyum).
  11. Don't work for a long time. Schedule yourself. 
  12. Have short term goals and try to achieve them. Don't schedule too much of work in short span of time                                                     You can share your ideas too! .

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